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Adopting Vs. Buying A Pet

If you have decided to welcome a pet to your home, you will have an option of either buying or adopting one. You will find a wide range of pets from shelters and rescue centers. These range from cats, dogs, rabbits and other small animals. There are several reasons why you should consider “adopting” a pet.

Adoption helps to stop overpopulation

In the recent past, shelters have been facing an overpopulation of pets as there are too many animals and too few homes. Some of the animals are found wandering while others are taken there by their owners who no longer want to care for them. To reduce the overpopulation of pets, and therefore become part of the solution, you should have the pet sterilized. In most of the shelters, neutering or spaying is mandatory for the adopted dogs, cats and rabbits. This is the only way of ensuring that the animals that are placed in the community do not contribute to pet overpopulation.

It saves lives

Most shelters are already overcrowded. When you adopt a pet, not only will you save its life but it will make room for other pets to be adopted. This means that adopting a pet is a great way of helping the shelter to continue with its role. The aim of the shelters is to house the animals temporarily. If they will be able to help other animals that are in need, they have to find homes for the animals that they have in the shelter.

It gives a second chance

Most shelters have smart, sweet and healthy animals that are surrendered there not as a result of their behavior but due to the issue of guardians. Most of the animals are surrendered as a result of a change in the circumstances of the family such as a divorce, a new baby, a move or the family no longer has time for the pet. The rescue groups and shelters have adoptable animals of all sizes, breeds, ages and mixes.

It costs less

Pets that are adopted from rescue groups and shelters are more affordable than buying pets or even obtaining them for free. Once you include the vaccination cost, neuter/spay surgery, deworming treatment, microchip and health guarantee, you will see how affordable adoption can be. Another important fact is that a quarter of the breeds that get into the shelters are usually pure breeds. If you really want a purebred dog or cat, you can find a breed specific shelter that can match you with your preferred breed.

You can help the shelters stop or reduce the number of abandoned animals. It is not just about acquiring an animal. Adopting is an act of love and rescue. It will be a good deed for the dog, for the shelter and also for you. You can add this to the pleasure of having a new companion; you will see the joy you will derive from knowing that you saved the life of an animal.

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