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Dog Breeders in Florida

A dog breeder is someone who intentionally mates dogs to produce puppies - usually for the result of specific characteristics. Use our site to find a dog breeder to fit your needs.

Dog Groomers in Florida

Dog groomers play a vital part in the well-being of a dog and maintaining a proper grooming schedule certainly improves their lifespan and overall quality of life. Use our site to find dog groomers that do business in your area.

Pet Boarding Services in Florida

There are almost ten thousand boarding services in the United States and Canada making themselves available to more than thirty million pet owners every year. If you are in need of a pet boarding service, search the listings on our site.

Pet Shops in Florida

Pet shops are retail businesses that sell animals and pet supplies to existing or prospective owners. Use our site to find the pet shops in your area.

Veterinary Clinics in Florida

Veterinary clinics do examinations on household pets and generally refer to them as "wellness exams". They tend to concentrate on the preventative veterinary medical care aspect of the practice. Use our site to locate a veterinary clinic nearest your and you pets' home!