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Popular Dog Breeds For People Who Live Alone

There are breeds that bond closely with families, while others tend to get panic or worry when they are left alone by their owners. Anxious dogs tend to have bad behaviors such as barking, whining or even causing mayhem. These breeds perform best when a family member is around or when you can spend time with them. However, there are some popular breeds for people who live alone, and these include:

German Shepherd

This breed is not only versatile but it is also a great choice for people living alone. The dog has a great reputation for its experience with the police or army. Some people tend to avoid this as a household dog, but instead choose it as a guard dog. However, these dogs are loyal, intelligent and can socialize well with visitors to the house. If you are looking for a dog to provide companionship and protection, this is the right option for you.

Doberman Pinscher

These dogs are meant to be used as dogs for personal protection and are a great choice for people living alone. They are among the most intelligent breeds and are easy to train. This means that they will learn their guard duties quickly. But the breeds have been accused of being aggressive. However, their aggression is towards strangers and when they are socialized well, even this can be avoided. Most of them are black and tan in color, but there are others that have other colors.


These are great family watchdogs and can be great companion for people living alone. They have a reputation as personal protection dogs. Not only are they eager to guard, but they are very loyal. The breeds are quite big around 130 pounds and so most people may not be able to handle their size. If you chose this dog as a companion, you should consider the size.


This may seem unbelievable, but it’s true: This dog got its name from using the front paws. This is one perfect breed for people who live alone. This is because it is playful and is the ultimate companion for a person who is living alone. The breed tends to be affectionate and is good with other pets such as cats. They make great watchdogs and also great barkers. The breeds are not rated very highly when it comes to intelligence but if you have worked with the dog using positive reinforcement, you may not agree with this. Boxers are usually stocky and weigh around 60 pounds. Their short hair can be brindle or fawn and they can easily be indentified as a result of their under bite or blunt face. Perhaps the only downside of the boxers is that they can be affected by serious health problems such as cancer. Most of them die young, usually aged around 10 years.